Cathode-Ray Tube Amusement Device

I want to play with this:

Links Ahoy! (3)

Remember last time I told you that despite my BEST efforts, my bookmarks are still haunted?

So there are lots and lots more Links Ahoy! coming up, in fact, I was thinking of doing one every two weeks as a regular column, to avoid all this pretense every time.



I had the most horrible nightmare last night.

It was about how I had a Chemistry theory exam in 3 hours time, and I hadn't studied anything. And I HAD TO get up and study for it, but I just COULDN'T. My body was FROZEN in bed. And I knew that I was going to fail and spend the rest of my life living off pennies.


New Google Image Search



... Sorry, I was trying to get back in touch with my childhood years with the words above.

Anyways, more seriously speaking, Google has rolled out a new layout for it's image search, with some new tweaks here and there.


King & Soraya

Here is that beautiful photograph that I mentioned in my last Links Ahoy! post :

In that Links Ahoy! post my information was wrong; this is not the photograph of an old Afghan PM, but King Amanullah and his wife Queen Soraya (I have corrected that mistake in the original post).

I could not find the photo in the WAMA database, so I went back to Adam Curtis' blog and found it in this entry.


Facebook is haunting me

Have you noticed something recently?

By "something" I mean the fact that Facebook is EVERYWHERE on the internet.

Go to almost any random website which is fairly well visited: be it a news website like BBC or Cracked.com, and you will find a Facebook "like" button on most of them.


Today is Bastille Day

Today the French celebrate Bastille Day (or more precisely: le 14 juillet), a national holiday which remembers the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789, which catapulted the French Revolution.

The Bastille was a prison which the poor peasants in France regarded as a symbol of the repression of the unjust class hierarchy, which they believed had been a result of the monarchical rule. Hence on the morning of 14 July 1789, a crowd of city workers stormed the Bastille looking for gunpowder. The guards at the prison thought that the crowd was no match for them, and fired at the crowd, killing hundreds of people.

A rescue team (for the prison guards) arrived, and seeing the hundreds of people dead, they decided to fight against the prison guards, rather than with them. This event is regarded as 'officially' starting the French Revolution, which ultimately overthrew the rule of the monarchy and resulted in the establishment of a republic.

Hence French people (mainly Parisians) celebrate today with firework displays on/near the Eiffel Tower and a military parade down the Champs-Elysees.

Also, an annoying robot with massive software issues was born today (moi).


Links Ahoy! (2)

Here we go again - my bookmarks are haunted.

Time for me to bore you with things I found interesting on the net. I bet you won't be able to resist clicking on all these links after reading my description (I bet).

Ron Pippin

Here you can find a comprehensive collection of all of Ron Pippin's work. I find his work to posses a devilish steampunk charm - with made-up machinery and contraptions put on plastic animals and old wooden desks. You can just imagine his artwork on an old 18 century ship, carelessly scattered with faded maps.

I wish I could commission him to design my entire apartment for me.


When life gives you apples, give it some good ol' spice

OMG you guys, new Old Spice ad, 100-times more funnier than the last one:

I just wish he had said "I'm on a bike" at the end. Oh well, you can't have everything in life.

And on a completely unrelated note (seriously, this is COMPLETELY unrelated, it just suddenly struck me to blog about it):

Is it just me, or is Steve Jobs starting to dress like a priest?


May the light of apple shine on you.