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Delicious links from my zombie-infested bookmarks. (The subtitles are the links.)

Further evidence that photosynthesis involves quantum mechanics

Biologists find that proteins that control photosynthesis in plants use principles from quantum mechanics. Pretty interesting stuff, as proteins are made up of very large molecules, and quantum principles have only previously been observed for atoms.

David Attenborough talks/sings What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

This is honestly the best thing you'll watch all week. This is why I keep saying that David Attenborough is the greatest person ever.

Maybe Higgs, maybe not

Last week CERN announced the results for it's search for the Higgs boson - a key component in particle physics. Phil Plait from Bad Astronomy explains the results in an easy-to-understand way.


It's been a while since I've found a web comic that I absolutely love. But Antics is fantastic and hilarious as hell. Here are two of my favourite:

Designing for the mind

Here is an article on the components of good design by Francisco Inchauste. Very interesting and well written; as a bonus the layout of the article itself is excellent.

Flesh-eating plant inspires super-slippery material that repels everything

Read about the cheap and easy to produce material developed by Tak-Sing Wong from Harvard University.  All sorts of liquids - water, blood, crude oil - roll straight off it. Even ice cannot form on it. It even heals itself when damaged. It's properties were inspired by the lips of the flesh-eating plant Pitcher plant.

What You Eat Affects Your Genes: RNA from Rice Can Survive Digestion and Alter Gene Expression

Usually rice just makes me feel lazy and fat. But apparently it can alter your genes too. Researchers at Nanjing University had been studying the MicroRNAs that circulate in human blood and were surprised to find that some of the MicroRNAs came from plants, mainly rice.

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Die When You Fall Into Lava

How exactly do you die when you fall into lava? Hint: not how you would expect. In most movies (e.g. Gollum from Lord of the Rings), you sink into the lava. Well you'll be surprised to know that it is not so.

With ‘Google Earth’ for Mars, Explore the Red Planet From Home

Allows members of the public to download high-resolution images of the Martian landscape almost instantaneously and explore the surface of the Red Planet from their own desktops. Make good use of it and have fun!

Does psychology’s over-reliance on American undergraduates distort our image of the human species?

Psycologists Joseph Henrich, Steven J. Heine and Ara Norenzayan at the University of British Columbia found out how most of the studies that psychologists claim show human universals are really just extrapolations from a single social group.

According to the study, 68 percent of research subjects in a sample of hundreds of studies in leading psychology journals came from the United States, and 96 percent from Western industrialised nations. All this leads to a huge cultural bias, hence researchers end up applying attributes to the entire human race, based on a limited population sample.

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  1. Great list of bookmarks, and now I have to bookmark some of those as well. Antics is a great web comic... oh, and if I ever become rich, can I hire David Attenborough to be my personal narrator? Not for novels, just to narrate what I'm doing as I walk down the street.